Renfrew Hockey Tape


Did you know that Renfrew Hockey Athletic tape is the Number One tape used in the world as well as the the Hockey Industry.

Shinguard Tape

Shinguard Tape

White Cloth tape

Scapa – (Renfrew) bases its approach on a deep understanding of the core markets. This understanding allows it to anticipate tomorrow’s customer needs. Scapa works closely with leading global partners in its target markets, developing specialised adhesive tape bonding solutions for OEM’s, distributors such as HockeyDogs.

One of the draw backs in purchase of tape is cost of shipping. HockeyDogs is now offering a price that calculates the shipping within the pack that, in the long run, is less costly to the buyer. You may now buy your tape in increments of 2, 4, 6, 8, or even by Arena Pack cases with free shipping.

By far, Renfrew tape is the most popular athletic tape in the Hockey industry. Pro-Blade XT, Cloth in colors and It’s Batman, Superman and  printed cloth tape are no exception to the rule and can be seen in use abundantly. Some have reported fraying, splitting off  or peeling as a weakness in the adhesion used by Scapa which we found as non-existent or overly exaggerated claim. No other athletic tape may be found to last forever, but none can withstand the onslaught received while playing hockey better than Scapa (Renfrew).

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