Montreal Hockey Company USA has been in operations since 1970, manufacturing and distributing finest hockey equipment throughout the industry for nearly fifty years. The Tackla hockey Girdles, Pants and pant covers are known globally, such that most other leading companies practically copy their designs and use similar materials. No other manufacturer, however, has been able to equal or surpass the trendsetting and the cutting edge technology used by Tackla to the satisfaction of the fastidious and “picky” taste of the serious hockey players.

Tackla is a leading part of the ice hockey history. It began in Finland more than half a century ago and revolutionized the hockey pant. By sheer innovation, Tackla modified the barrel wore as pants by the Hockey Players that rested by suspenders on their shoulders and converted and designed it into the type of hockey pants players use today that is worn comfortably using a belt. This design allowed for ideal protection with no gaps and less weight. Tackla then used this expertise to develop gloves, bags, and attractive apparel, as well as shin, elbow, and shoulder pads.

Tackla pants, pant covers and girdles are by far the most sought after protective equipment in their class. Most hockey manufacturers have had nominal success or have totally failed in their incessant attempts to copy and capture the Tackla inventiveness that offers the maximum protection against the onslaught of the speeding puck.

It is true that Patrick Kane’s record breaking 2016 season is an achievement of historic proportions. He became the first American born player to win the Hart Trophy and Lindsay Awards. Congratulations are in order.