For only $18 a pop (price drop) you can now have your own cool stock T-Shirt with screen printed artistic image of your favorite star or personality delivered to you anywhere in the U.S. This offer includes at no extra cost, FREE SHIPPING of your T-‘s to your door. To get to the shirts, simply click on the image above and start your order. As we go along, we will be adding new graphics for T-‘s to the collection. If you have any suggestions or have your own image you would want us to print for you, please email your requests to We will respond to your request ASAP.

For now our stock images include: MATRIX agent, KOBY BRYANT, CHARLIE MURPHY, Blondie, Tuco, and Angel Eyes from spaghetti western trilogy, JOHNY DEPP, from Pirates Of The Caribbean, VINTAGE PIANO, LEONARDO DICAPRIO “Diango”, CALI CHOPPERS, ISLE OF MAN, CHARLES BRONSON in the West Men’s, Notorious BIG BIGGIE, E.T. — the extra terrestrial, WILLY WONKA Charlie and Chocolate Factory,   BLONDIE, CLINT EASTWOOD the Outlaw, JOHN LENNON, TERMINAATOR, EVEL KNIEVEL, CHEWBACCA WOOKIEE, and WILLIAM MILTON.

Tackla 800 Hockey Pants

The reason for the Tackla 800 is the biggest selling Ice hockey pants in the industry is twofold: 1) It is a product of high quality, 2) It is priced right.

You will not be able to find a better hockey pants for the price offered by Montreal Hockey Company for its prized product.

We have 9000 pants for $149.99
NHL series for $159.99
951 Pants for  $89.99
800 Pants for $69.99
Finally the (NHL) Tackla 800 for $79.99
Good luck.

Hockey Dogs and Howie’s Tape

Howie's TapeRecently I have come across a hockey tape company that produces one of the highest quality hockey tape you can find. The elasticity of the clear Shin Guard tape and water resistance of the cloth tape are exemplary. Those who have used Howie’s products readily testify to its high quality, performance and endurance.

Though the Howie’s is relatively young company (since 2007), it has “grown to serve the NHL, AHL, NCAA, as well as pro-shops and leagues not only in the United States, but across the world.”  It has grown into a global brand because of its ardent commitment to excellence and quality of service. Alongside Hockey Tape, those accessories offered include Bags, Water Bottles, Bottle Carriers, Skate Sharpening – Honing devices, Coaching Boards and more….. Apparel section includes Hoodies, Polo and Tank Top Shirts, Beanies, Hats and Lids plus a magnificent Belt in four colors, made by using original strong, lightly waxed hockey laces that would literally hug “jeans and a tee to khaki shorts.”  Try Howie’s. Satisfaction Guaranteed .


DogsThe parent company, Hockey West, an offshoot of Erina’s, Inc. was established in 1984. The  HockeyDogs has trimmed its operations to fulfillment of Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey and Figure Skating products since 2011. While we are located in Southern California, a great number of our orders are fulfilled and shipped to you directly from the manufacturers. Our reach is the entire nation and our motto is “FAST AND SPEEDY” delivery of your needs at the lowest price and cost possible.

HockeyDogs is the best place to get Tackla, JAMM and Frontier products. We draw from the Tackla – Montreal Hockey USA inventory and it is a rarity if you order any product and you don’t receive it in a relatively short time.