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The Gatorz evolution 
The Gatorz brand emerged in 1989 under one founding principle: create something as bold and unique as the people who would wear them—the elite. That inspired a new type of eyewear designed and engineered for the trifecta of fit, form, and function, and proudly made in the USA. Nearly 30 years later, Gatorz sunglasses—with their signature aluminum frame—maintain a reputation for exceptional performance in any situation, from the extreme to the everyday. 

 It all started with motorcycles (doesn’t it always?)
Our evolution began with our passion for high-velocity sports, mainly on motorcycles. We designed our first aluminum-frame sunglasses to withstand riding at any speed, but still be comfortable—and look cool, of course.  Unlike typical plastic sunglasses, our frames easily fit under a helmet; were adjustable to custom-fit the rider’s face; provided full coverage from wind, dust, and debris; and looked just as badass as the people wearing them.

After that, our popularity reached new heights 
A few years later, with the trust and respect of the motorcycle riding community to our credit, some thrill-seeking action junkies decided to put these frames to the ultimate test: freefalling from 13,000 feet in an element where there’s no room for error.  The glasses did not disappoint. They stayed in place and provided the same protection that earned a thumbs-up from riders. Plus, they shielded jumpers’ eyes from the sun. No eyewear on the market could do that kind of double duty. After that, this small, extremely passionate, adrenaline-loving crowd adopted Gatorz as their can’t-live-without sunglasses.

All New Verbero Hockey Products

We are gradually adding all Verbero Hockey products to our collection
1) Verbero Gloves 
   	Verbero Cypress Senior 4-Roll Hockey Gloves
        Verbero Cypress Junior 4-Roll Hockey Gloves 
        Verbero Dextra Senior Pro+ Hockey Gloves
        Verbero Dextra Junior Pro+ Hockey Gloves
        Verbero Dextra Junior Pro III Hockey Gloves
        Verbero Dextra Youth Pro II Hockey Gloves
        Verbero Mercury Senior HG80 Hockey Gloves
        Verbero Mercury Junior HG80 Hockey Gloves
        Verbero Dextra Senior Pro II Hockey Gloves
        Verbero Dextra Junior Pro II Hockey Gloves
2) Verbero Ice Skates
	Verbero Cypress Senior Pro+ Ice Hockey Skates
	Verbero Cypress Senior Pro Ice Hockey Skates
	Verbero Cypress Senior Ice Hockey Skates
	Verbero Cypress Junior Ice Hockey Skates
	Verbero PowerPlay Adjustable Ice Hockey 	
3) Verbero Inline Skates
	Verbero Cypress Senior Pro+ Inline Hockey Skates
	Verbero Cypress Senior Inline Hockey Skates
	Verbero Cypress Junior Inline Hockey Skates
	Verbero PowerPlay Adjustable Inline Hockey Skates
4) Verbero Helmet
	Verbero Powerplay Hockey Helmet Combo
	Verbero Clarity Hockey Helmet Visor
	Verbero Powerplay Hockey Helmet Visor
	Verbero Shades Sun Glasses
5) Verbero Hockey Pants
	Verbero Prime Senior Ice Hockey Pants
6) Inline Hockey Pucks and Balls
	Verbero Aero Inline Hockey Puck
	Verbero Duro Inline Hockey Puck
	Verbero Wood Stick Handling Training Ball
7) Verbero Practice Jerseys
	Verbero Aero Hockey Practice Jersey
8) Padded Player Shirts
9) Verbero Goalie Padded Shirts
10) Verbero Prime Hockey Pants
We will be adding more as we go along.


HockeyDogs offers your Tackla related needs, direct from TACKLA USA.

If you are looking to find hockey pants that would give you the best protection and performance, you could not go wrong adding TACKLA to your repertoire. Tackla is the first to design and manufacture truly functional protective products to lead the industry during most of the 20th and the ongoing 21st centuries.

Tackla 800 Hockey Pants

The reason for the Tackla 800 is the biggest selling Ice hockey pants in the industry is twofold: 1) It is a product of high quality, 2) It is priced right.

You will not be able to find a better hockey pants for the price offered by Montreal Hockey Company for its prized product.

We have 9000 pants for $149.99
NHL series for $159.99
951 Pants for  $89.99
800 Pants for $69.99
Finally the (NHL) Tackla 800 for $79.99
Good luck.

Hockey Dogs and Howie’s Tape

Howie's TapeRecently I have come across a hockey tape company that produces one of the highest quality hockey tape you can find. The elasticity of the clear Shin Guard tape and water resistance of the cloth tape are exemplary. Those who have used Howie’s products readily testify to its high quality, performance and endurance.

Though the Howie’s is relatively young company (since 2007), it has “grown to serve the NHL, AHL, NCAA, as well as pro-shops and leagues not only in the United States, but across the world.”  It has grown into a global brand because of its ardent commitment to excellence and quality of service. Alongside Hockey Tape, those accessories offered include Bags, Water Bottles, Bottle Carriers, Skate Sharpening – Honing devices, Coaching Boards and more….. Apparel section includes Hoodies, Polo and Tank Top Shirts, Beanies, Hats and Lids plus a magnificent Belt in four colors, made by using original strong, lightly waxed hockey laces that would literally hug “jeans and a tee to khaki shorts.”  Try Howie’s. Satisfaction Guaranteed .


DogsThe parent company, Hockey West, an offshoot of Erina’s, Inc. was established in 1984. The  HockeyDogs has trimmed its operations to fulfillment of Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey and Figure Skating products since 2011. While we are located in Southern California, a great number of our orders are fulfilled and shipped to you directly from the manufacturers. Our reach is the entire nation and our motto is “FAST AND SPEEDY” delivery of your needs at the lowest price and cost possible.

HockeyDogs is the best place to get Tackla, JAMM and Frontier products. We draw from the Tackla – Montreal Hockey USA inventory and it is a rarity if you order any product and you don’t receive it in a relatively short time.